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Material Description

Fabric Material

Wrinkle Resistant Fabric

This is our highest quality material available and most requested by our customers. This image prints very well with impressive vibrancy and resolution, you have to see it in person to truly appreciate it!

 This wrinkle resistant and washable material is great for large displays of 10 feet and larger, however it works well for any application. It is printed via a dye sublimation process, which makes it our most resilient material, lasting for years and years! If there are small wrinkles seen, you can safely iron this on a low setting. The material is comprised of a polyester blend and is offered in a glossy or matte finish.

Hand wash, or wash on a delicate cycle with a dye and odor free gentle detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Poly-Canvas Material


This is our higher quality material, it is a middle weight poly canvas material that also has a matte finish. The colors are much more vibrant, and this material can print on a single sheet up to 10 feet wide, so this is typically seamless for most sizes. Our canvas does not crease nearly as easily as matte vinyl, any small creasing from the shipping and packaging process can be removed with a steamer or iron on low heat applied to the back of the backdrop.

Matte Vinyl Material

Matte Vinyl

This is our original, and most affordable material. It is comprised of a vinyl design cloth with a matte finish. It is very thin and light, with great image reproduction quality and resolution. The maximum seamless print width is 5 ft.  For larger sizes, multiple sheets are affixed together with an adhesive to achieve the desired size.  Don't worry, the seam is nearly invisible to the naked eye.  When unpacked there will be some creases seen, these can be removed with a steamer or iron on low heat applied to the back of the backdrop.