• Folded Vinyl Backdrops:  Folded Vinyl Backdrops are printed onto a design cloth, coated with vinyl, with a matte finish that reduces reflection.  These backdrops can be finished with a rod pocket, or grommets to provide a variety of mounting options.  Also, folded vinyl backdrops may have one or more seams. 
  • Rolled Vinyl Backdrops Rolled Vinyl Backdrops are printed onto a 14 oz. high tenacity polyester vinyl with a matte finish that reduces reflection.  This material exceeds the minimum requirements of the flame resistance established by the following tests : National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 test result for Vinyl and Fabric. These backdrops can be finished with a rod pocket, or grommets to provide a variety of mounting options.  Rolled Vinyl Backdrops are seamless and shipped rolled in a tube that is 96" long. 
  • Fabric Backdrops: Fabric Backdrops are printed onto a polyester/cotton blended material via dye sublimation process. These backdrops have the option for a rod pocket, grommet, or nothing, if preferred.  These finishing options provide multiple means by which to mount it. 
  • Muslin Backdrops: Muslin backdrops are hand-painted onto a durable canvas material made of 100% cotton, has a rod pocket, and are seamless.


  • Backdrops: For best results, and longevity store all backdrops rolled. Folded vinyl backdrops are not washable. If they get wet, the ink or paint may run. This is not covered by our warranty.

    • If Folded Vinyl Backdrops are folded numerous times, in the same folds, there will be some wear and loss of ink in the folds. This type of wear is not covered by our warranty. If Folded Vinyl Backdrops have creases or wrinkles, a blow dryer on a medium setting may be used on the backside of the backdrop to remove the creases or wrinkles.
    • Rolled Vinyl Backdrops can be wiped gently with water.  We do not recommend any abrasive cleaners and this is not covered by our warranty.  We recommend storing the backdrop in the tube it was shipped in to prevent wrinkles or damage.
    • Fabric Backdrops can be gently washed on hand wash/ delicate cycle and then hang dry.  Due to the large variety in types of washing machines we cannot cover damage due to washing machines in our warranty.  Washing backdrops is done at your own risk.


  • Creases and wrinkles are normal in muslin backdrops, and may be removed by ironing or steaming from the back side.


  • All electric items we sell are designed to be used with 110 volt electrical systems, such as found in the United States of America. Throughout Europe and some other countries, electric lines carry 220 volts. Connection of any item to a 220 volt electrical system voids the warranty. If the items we sell are connected to this voltage, too much electricity will pass through causing the item to become hot, possibly to the extent of starting a fire. Backdrop City is not responsible for any damage caused under such circumstances.


  • Each roller can hold up to 15 pounds per roller on all rollers systems.


 ALL backdrop sizes are listed as width x length.