Large Universal NG-280 Flash Soft Box Flash Diffuser

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Product Details:

  • NG-280 camera flash diffuser soft box
  • Enlarges and diffuses the light with the flash in the direct flash position
  • Easy to fit on your camera flash head
  • To soften the flash lighting and shadows
  • Folds down flat for easy storage and portability
  • Provides great lighting without the harsh glare spots
  • Ideal to carry in your kit bag while traveling
  • Compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony and more
  • Comes with 2 protective pouches.
How to use:
  1. Attach the four sides of the soft box to the plastic bracket support with velcro.
  2. Press the flash release button to flip up the flash
  3. Place the opening of the bracket flush with the top of the flash.
  4. Secure the soft box onto the flash by wrapping the velcro strap tightly around the flash.
  5. Now your soft box is ready for use!
  6. When finished, you can follow the steps in reverse to disassemble the soft box for safe keeping.