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     Backdrops provide a visual scenery behind the subject to be photographed. Backdrops can help set the mood of a scene such as specific environments like flowering trees giving the audience a view of the liveliness of spring, background providing depth to the photo, or one representing a brand or specific theme. When unable to attend a particular location, a backdrop will bring that location feel to you. Backdrops are a cost effective option to set the scene desired or spread a desired message and provide an area that enhances the photos takes either professionally or digitally by the...

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     Pop up banners will set you apart from the competition whether in use at your store for advertisement, for use as a vendor booth pop up shop, marketing, or branding.      A pop up banner can be useful in marketing when placing outside or in your store and catch shoppers attention or direct toward a certain product or brand. Branding capabilities are maximized because people will know your brand and the visual display will emphasize your brand. Using pop up banners at events can assist in spreading a message or even provide a simple backdrop for photos. Using...

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